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JobKeeper - Employee Eligibility Changes

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Legislation was released on 14th August 2020 amending the existing JobKeeper rules.

Here are some of the changes:

  • The reference date for assessing which employees are eligible for the JobKeeper payment has changed from 1 March to 1 July 2020.

  • Applies for fortnights beginning on or after 3 August 2020.

  • For fortnights commencing on 3 August 2020 and 17 August 2020, employers will have until 31 August 2020 to meet the wage condition for new eligible employees (Payments of minimum amount of $1,500 per fortnight are made).

  • You must enrol the new employees by 24 August 2020.

  • Employees or Eligible business participants may re-nominate with a new employer. *Rules apply*

There are no changes to existing nominated employees!

Changes whereby previous employees may now be eligible that require re-assessment include:

  • Casuals who now satisfy the 12-month timing using the 1 July 2020 date

  • Employees who were employed by the business between 2 March 2020 and 1 July 2020

  • An employee who now meets the age or Visa status using the 1 July 2020 date

  • An employee who was receiving JobKeeper with an employer, lost their job, and was re-employed by an employer entitled to receive JobKeeper prior to 1 July 2020

It is imperative to ensure that you comply with the “on in, all in” rule.

Find a link to the JobKeeper Employee Nomination form below:

JobKeeper Employee Nomination Notice (1
Download • 198KB

Further details still to come:

  • Details regarding the newly proposed extension periods and 2 tiers of payments that will kick in post 27th September 2020.

  • Specifics on calculating GST turnover

  • Hopefully the alternate tests to assess employer eligibility.

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